The Importance of Shore Power Connect: Preserving Data and empowering Efficiency

Shore Power Connect serves as the core component for all services by Fjuel and enables seamless collection, analysis, and storage of crucial data from your shore power installations.

In the pursuit of sustainable maritime operations, we offer a total system integration that combines shore power units from different supplies into one complete control system.

Shore Power Connect provides a 360-degree overview of each installation’s status by constantly monitoring, capturing and logging system-wide data. With Shore Power Connect asset owners and operators of shore power installations have now access to a powerful tool that unleash real-time and historical key data. This information is displayed on intuitive screens, creating a unique image of everything that is happening on site.

Shore Power Connect ensures:

  • Access to real-time and historical data – We collect detailed key information about shore power units and vessels connecting it with external data sources to provide better insights for effective operation and smart decisions.

  • No concerns about missing data – Shore Power Connect keeps everything in one place, helping ships and ports be greener and more efficient.

  • Added value – exploit the beneficial potential inherent in the equipment.

  • Smarter decisions – With real-time data, you are able to make better choices that save energy and money when it comes to new investments and smarter operations.

  • Planning – by combining real-time and historical data you will be able to see patterns over time and be able to quickly adjust to improve quality and profitability.

  • Instant Data Insights – Real-time monitoring for informed decision-making


Our platform empowers you with instant access to real-time data, offering unparalleled insights into vessel utilization of shore power. With just a few clicks, you can:

  • Monitor vessels’ Usage of Shore Power
  • Harness the power of historical data to drive efficiency improvements and cost savings.
  • Effortlessly view and analyze data specific to each installation.
  • Drill down to the session level, offering detailed information
  • Analyze data at the ship level, facilitating predictive insights for future arrivals.

Fjuel is committed to providing maritime stakeholders with unparalleled data insights for informed decision-making, energy optimization, and a greener future. Experience the power of our solution today and embark on a journey towards sustainable operations.

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