Price shore power correctly by reducing
the risk of power price volatility
and uncertainties with power load expenses

Our payment solution is designed to bring positive change, benefiting both ports offering shore power facilities and the end users. We’re confident that our solution will make a real difference for everyone involved.

So, what can ports and the end-users expect with our solution?

  • Stable electricity pricing: Say goodbye to unpredictable electricity prices! Our solution reduces the risk of price fluctuations and ensures stability, providing peace of mind for ports and lower power costs for the end-users.

  • Controlled power load charges: No more worries about high power load charges from grid companies! With our solution, ports can now charge different prices for load levels used by vessels, effectively keeping expenses under control.

  • Simplified billing process: Managing invoices becomes a breeze with our automatic billing process. We streamline the entire billing process, allowing port employees to focus on what matters most while enjoying increased efficiency.

  • Seamless integration and flexibility: Our solution seamlessly integrates with different ERP or billing IT-systems, making data flow smooth and hassle-free. This ensures a seamless experience without disrupting your existing systems and processes. 

We’re here to encourage smarter power consumption

We connect electricity prices from Nord Pool with ship consumption. This way ports can invoice shipping companies based on spot prices during the ship’s shore power usage.

Our solution also allows pricing of different power load levels. By power load price differentiation, we push shipping companies to optimise their power demand, helping companies to save money, while ports can reduce their grid charges as well. It’s a win-win
situation, promoting efficient energy use that cuts costs for both ports and shipping companies.

Flexibility is key! 

Our payment solution seamlessly integrates with your existing invoicing or ERP systems. We handle data collection from shore power facilities, generate invoice data, and push it to you in your preferred format.


Shore power consumption is already charged through our solution in Tromsø, and ports in Bodø and Trondheim are standing in line to implement our software. 

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