Unlock the full potential of shore power installations

Ports now can efficiently plan their energy resources and optimise port operations well in advance of a ship’s arrival at the dock. Our cutting-edge Call Planning Tool utilises AIS data, combining it with the data of vessels’ energy consumption to generate comprehensive lists of ships on route to specific ports. This list includes vessels’ energy system on board, energy demand and historical peaks, making it easy for port to direct the vessel to the right shore power unit.  

With this information harbour personnel can proactively address the following long-standing issues:

Picture a captivating animation illustrating a ship gracefully approaching a harbour, while the port seamlessly accesses a comprehensive list of arriving ships, complete with arrival times and historical shore power usage.
  • Identifying the vessels’ energy system on board upon entering the harbour, providing automated equipment compatibility between the vessel’s energy system and the available shore power units in the specific port. This will eliminate time-consuming phone communication to clarify details for the routing to the suitable shore power unit.
  • Estimating the power demand including historical power peaks of each ship, eliminating any uncertainty associated with the routing of vessels to the shore power unit of right power load size. 
  • Gaining insights into whether incoming ships have previously utilised shore power, enabling personalised communication and tailored arrangements.
  • Empowering harbour personnel with a user-friendly tool to easily determine whether a ship docked in the harbour is utilising shore power or not.

Once a ship is berthed, our system provides a comprehensive visual map that showcases which ships are using shore power through colour-coded markers on the facilities. This seamless monitoring process enables harbour personnel to swiftly identify any deviations from expected power usage and promptly investigate any potential issues. For new ships in the harbour, our system facilitates inquiries and the provision of essential information about connecting to shore power, equipment requirements, and even training arrangements.

By leveraging our Call Planner Tool, ports can actively promote the adoption of shore power. This innovative solution streamlines resource planning ensures timely execution of necessary operations and allows facility owners to maximise their profits from shore power sales.

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