Digitalize and improve

SHORE POWER operations

We are a shore power and energy infrastructure optimisation platform that turns your manual and error-prone operations into an automated, accurate and friction-free experience.

The software is developed to maximise capacity utilisation, optimise up-time and improve the user experience.

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Is your shore power: smart enough?

About us

Fjuel is a Norwegian startup owned by Trondheim Harbour, Bodø Harbour, Tromsø Harbour, Bodø Energi AS and Troms kraft AS.

With our solution, manual processes are a thing of the past. Our system-agnostic software saves you time and eliminates errors. We are focused on these critical business issues:

  • Automatic alarm management system
  • Dynamic price model and streamlined invoice service.
  • Insights and reports for different stakeholders
  • Digitalising of maintenance process
  • User-friendly user interface. Building an intuitive and clean system for ship operators.
  • Authentication of customers using infrastructure.


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