Unlock your port profitability with Fjuel Business Performance

Discover Business Performance, Fjuel’s powerful tool designed to revolutionize the way port authorities and asset owners manage profitability in operations of shore power units. This specialized solution empowers harbor personnel responsible for operations and financial oversight to gain valuable insights into revenue and expenses, ultimately driving profitability and informed decision-making.

Key benefits:

Picture a captivating animation illustrating a ship gracefully approaching a harbour, while the port seamlessly accesses a comprehensive list of arriving ships, complete with arrival times and historical shore power usage.
  • Financial Control: Business Performance offers a centralized platform for a comprehensive overview of financial data. Port managers can analyze revenue, costs, and results in total or per facility, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing profitability.

  • Accurate Pricing: The tool enables accurate pricing of shore power for shipping companies. Port authorities and asset owners can determine the correct surcharge on electricity rates, fostering fair pricing practices and encouraging sustainable energy use.

  • Dashboard and Reports: Business Performance’s user-friendly dashboard provides crucial reports, such as monthly income per facility, expenses related to power purchases and grid tariffs, operational costs, and investments. These insights offer strategic decisions and resource allocation.

  • Service Pricing Optimization: By analyzing actual costs of services, maintenance, insurance, and operations, the tool ensures that service pricing covers expenses while remaining competitive, contributing to overall financial success.

  • Real-time Spot Price Monitoring: Stay ahead in the energy market with real-time spot price information. Port authorities can make informed choices and efficiently manage power resources by tracking power demand with spot prices during each month.

Business Performance is your partner in achieving financial control, enhancing pricing strategies, and maximizing the profitability of your shore power operations. Embrace this innovative tool to drive success in the maritime industry while creating a sustainable future.

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