Our solutions

We offer innovative solutions that tackle challenges across maritime operations. Designed for both public and private ports, as well as terminal companies. Our platform revolutionizes shore power management, benefiting all stakeholders, including ports and shipping companies.



Our solutions bridge the gap between fragmented systems, benefiting public and private ports and terminal companies.

Join us to unlock the future of optimized power management in the maritime industry

Shore power platform

 Unified Data Hub

Establish a cohesive platform for shore power management, enabling seamless tracking and efficient operations.

Unified Holistic Management

Break data silos, allowing better decision-making and operational improvements.

Accurate Pricing

Uncover tool for precise pricing,  enusring competitive prices and profitable sales.

Dynamic Pricing 

Reveal real-time dynamic pricing and automated billing, simplifying billing for all parties involved.

Picture a captivating animation illustrating a ship gracefully approaching a harbour, while the port seamlessly accesses a comprehensive list of arriving ships, complete with arrival times and historical shore power usage.

Optimized Utilization

Improve the infrastructure`s up-time and utilization, effectively meeting power demands.

Smart Analytics

Gain insights into system profitability, enabling informed decision-making.

Efficient Automation

Automate manual processes, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Under development

Climate Reporting

Fjuel pioneers climate reporting for ports, tracking berthing emissions and quantifying CO2 saved through shore power. Ports can soon integrate CO2 targets to ensure transparent sustainability.

Alarm & Event Handling

Our advanced system boosts operational uptime with real-time alerts. Efficient maintenance ensures uninterrupted shore power operations.

Proactive Maintenance

Real-time monitoring, timely error detection, and automated maintenance scheduling, ensuring uptime.

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