Fjuel’s shore power platform is a comprehensive software solution designed to optimize and streamline every aspect of shore power management at your port. 

Key Benefits

  •  Automated Processes: Reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency with automated data collection, billing, and reporting functionalities. Streamline your operations to save time and reduce errors.

  •  Real-Time Data & Insights: Gain valuable insights into energy consumption, infrastructure performance, and operational trends. Enable data-driven decision making to enhance your port’s operational efficiency.

  •  Centralized Management: Manage all shore power connections, user accounts, and billing from a single, user-friendly interface. Simplify administrative tasks and improve overall management efficiency.
  •  Advanced Analytics: Utilize powerful analytics tools to identify areas for improvement, optimize resource allocation, and maximize the return on investment in your shore power infrastructure. Make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

  •  Seamless Integration: Integrate the platform seamlessly with your existing port management systems. Ensure a smooth workflow and minimize disruptions during the implementation process.

  •  Customization Options: Tailor the platform to meet your specific needs with customizable dashboards, reports, and user access controls. Personalize your experience to suit your operational requirements.
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Fjuel’s Comprehensive IoT Platform Services

All services in one place

Business Performance

Optimize your port operations with Fjuel’s Business Performance module. Gain valuable insights into profitability, operational efficiency, and performance metrics. Make data-driven decisions that drive growth and enhance operational excellence.

Call Planning Tool

Efficiently manage and plan shore power and charging operations with our Call Planning Tool. Schedule operations in advance, streamline workflows, and ensure smooth docking and charging experiences for all vessels.

Pricing and Payment Solution

Simplify financial processes with our dynamic pricing and payment solution. Automate billing, enhance transparency, and provide flexible payment options to your clients, ensuring a seamless financial experience.

Shore Power Connect

Centralize data collection, analysis, and storage with the Shore Power Connect module. Monitor energy consumption, infrastructure performance, and operational trends in real-time, ensuring optimal utilization of shore power systems.

Benefits of Using Fjuel Shore Power Platform:

Increased Efficiency
Automated processes and real-time data insights streamline operations and save you time and resources.
Improved Decision Making
Data-driven insights empower you to make informed decisions about resource allocation, pricing strategies, and infrastructure upgrades.
Enhanced Transparency
Centralized management and clear reporting provide complete transparency into shore power usage and billing.
Reduced Operational Costs
Optimize energy use, minimize downtime, and improve resource allocation for overall cost savings.
Simplified Billing & Revenue Management
Streamlined billing and automated reports simplify revenue management and improve cash flow.
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Sustainable Port Operations
Fjuel's platform empowers you to contribute to a greener future by promoting the use of shore power.
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