Fjuel AS is a pioneering Norwegian startup specializing in shore power and energy infrastructure optimization. Owned by Trondheim Harbour, Bodø Harbour, Tromsø Harbour, Bodø Energi AS, and Troms kraft AS, we transform manual and error-prone operations into automated, accurate, and seamless experiences.

Our Revolutionary Solutions


At Fjuel AS, we revolutionize port operations with our advanced, system-agnostic software, designed to eliminate manual processes, save time, and reduce errors. Our key features include:

  • Automatic Alarm Management System: Efficiently manage and respond to alarms, enhancing operational reliability.


  • Dynamic Price Model and Streamlined Invoice Service: Simplify financial processes, enhance transparency, and optimize pricing strategies.


  • Insights and Reports for Different Stakeholders: Provide comprehensive data analytics for informed decision-making and improved stakeholder communication.
  • Digitalisation of Maintenance Process: Streamline maintenance tasks to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and prolong equipment lifespan.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Build an intuitive and clean system for ship operators, enhancing user experience and reducing training time.


  • Authentication of Customers Using Infrastructure: Ensure secure and reliable access for all users, safeguarding your infrastructure.

Ownership Distribution of Fjuel AS

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Core Components for Optimal Performance

Our innovative solutions are powered by key components designed to maximize efficiency and profitability:

Shore Power Connect:

Seamless data collection and analysis from all shore power and charging installations, centralizing crucial data.

Business Performance :

A powerful tool for profitability management, providing ports with essential financial insights.

Call Planning Tool:

Efficiently plan shore power and charging operations ahead of a ship’s arrival, optimizing scheduling and resource allocation.

Why Choose Fjuel AS?

By maximizing capacity utilization, optimizing up-time, and enhancing user experience, Fjuel AS is committed to driving smart decisions and profitability for ports. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing port management systems, ensuring a smooth workflow and substantial cost savings.

Embrace eco-friendly practices and contribute to a greener future with Fjuel AS, your trusted partner in shore power and energy infrastructure optimization.

Ready to unlock the power of sustainable port operations?

Contact Fjuel today and discover how our solutions can transform your port.

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